Welcome to Visit Mount Dora

Welcome to Visit Mount Dora

Mission: To promote Mount Dora, with a focus on its historical downtown, fostering business awareness through various marketing activities including event production, event sponsorship, marketing, media relations & other promotional activities for the purposes of stimulating, enhancing and maintaining the economic vitality of our local business community.


Visit Mount Dora, Inc.
P.O. Box 378,
Mount Dora, FL 32756
(407) 603-5218


Legally incorporated in 1995 as a non-profit organization (IRS Subsection 501(c)(6) – Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc. formed to improve conditions.), , formerly known as the Mount Dora Village Merchants & Business Association, Inc., Visit Mount Dora, Inc. was created by a group of dedicated volunteers wanting to make a difference for it’s town for the purposes of promoting Mount Dora. Today, nearly 20 years later, this group remains committed to promoting the town’s events, businesses and other non-profit groups that contribute to making our historic town the wonderful quaint experience that is Mount Dora.

Visit Mount Dora, Inc. currently represents approximately 50+ businesses partners located in the downtown area. The Board of Directors represents the group in it’s initiatives, which is primarily focused on promoting Mount Dora through event-centered marketing and event production.

Visit Mount Dora, Inc. has developed an annual marketing plan, which measures on a quarterly basis its effectiveness, and markets Mount Dora utilizing a broad range of media including print, radio, TV and the internet. Additionally Visit Mount Dora, Inc. is also responsible for facilitating many of the town’s major events, including the annual Spring Festival, October Craft Fair, August Seafood Festival, Blueberry Festival, Blues~n~Groove Weekend and the weekly farmer’s market.

Visit Mount Dora, Inc. Board of Directors

President – Donald Stuart – Village Market Manager – studeck@comcast.net

Director – Tim Nielander – Global Private Public Partership Institute – tim@10dev.com

Director – Gabe Burroughs – Silbernagel & Burroughs PA – Burroughs@sandbcpas.com

Director – Joe Bamford – Get Off the Bus LLC – joe@getoffthebusconcerts.com


Bookkeeping/Accounting – Patty Wightman – pwightman@aol.com

Legal/Agent of Record – James L. Homich Lawyer jhomich@earthlink.net

Events & Promotions Director/Webmaster – Brian E. Young – GoMountDora.com – GoMountDora@gmail.com

Special Event Coordinator – Janet Gamache – Little Fish Video Productions – Janet.Gamache@gmail.com